Common Signs Your Automatic Transmission Needs Looked At

Like any part of a car, the automatic transmission can develop problems over time and parts can fail. It can be tempting to ignore strange noises or smells coming from your car, but it's often more costly to put off car repairs, since ignoring problems can lead to further damage. Replacing an automatic transmission can be pricey and can cost more than some engines, so it's wise to know the early signs of transmission problems so that you can hopefully have it repaired rather than having to replace it. Here are some common signs you need auto transmission repair:

Shaking Or Vibrations During Gear Changes

When an automatic car shifts gears, the change should be smooth, but a faulty transmission can cause gear changes to feel rough. Shaking or vibrations during gear changes is often an early indicator that the transmission needs to be repaired. This type of problem tends to get worse the longer you leave it, so get your car looked at right away.

Delayed Response To Gear Changes

When you put an automatic car into drive or reverse, the car should respond right away. If you notice there's even a slight lag in your car responding there could be a few causes to consider. It may simply be that a fluid change is needed, which is a quick and inexpensive job, or your car's electronics may need to be looked at.

Strange Noises

Whining, clunking and humming noises shouldn't be dealt with by blasting your favourite album through your car's speakers. These noises are often caused by fluid loss, which prevents different components in your transmission from staying lubricated enough to function properly. The friction caused by this loss of fluid can cause significant damage over time. Strange noises can also occur when parts of the gearbox have completely failed, which can make driving dangerous, so never assume a new noise has no impact on the safety of your car.

Gear Slipping

Gear slipping when you are driving is a serious safety concern and should never happen when all is well with your car's transmission. When your car slips out of gear it's often a fault with the transmission electronics that causes disruption to the signal pathway. It's best not to drive your car if it has at any point slipped out of gear. Have it towed to a garage, then get the transmission checked and a diagnostic report run for the electronics panel.

Transmission problems can be minor or render your car unsafe to drive, so it's best not to try and diagnose the problem yourself. If you have any concerns about your car's transmission, get it booked with a mechanic as soon as possible.

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