Key Facts About Car Service Courtesy Vehicles

Taking your car for repairs can be time-consuming, depending on the damage. Therefore, most dealerships provide customers with a courtesy car. Notably, a courtesy car eliminates the frustrations of not having a reliable means of transport as your vehicle undergoes repairs. However, there is a lot that most people do not understand about courtesy cars. It can partly be attributed to the lack of information, especially for motorists using independent mechanics. This article sheds light on key facts about courtesy cars.

Eligibility is Subjective — Most people think that they qualify for a courtesy car as long as their vehicle ends up in a garage. However, it is not true because you might not qualify for a courtesy car in certain situations, even if your vehicle is damaged. An excellent example is if your car is totalled and an auto insurer declares it a write-off. Although the vehicle is still in a garage, the dealer is not obligated to issue you with a courtesy car. It is difficult for your insurer to ascertain how long it will take to complete the indemnifying process and for you to buy another vehicle. You can only qualify for a courtesy car if your vehicle can be repaired economically.

Restrictions with Usage — Just because you use your vehicle for different errands does not mean you can do the same with a courtesy car. Nonetheless, car owners proceed to use a courtesy car like it is theirs, only to be fined by their dealership. Generally, dealerships have a guideline on how customers can use courtesy vehicles. The guidelines are listed in the courtesy car agreement you sign before being issued the keys. For instance, you cannot use a courtesy car for commercial purposes such as offering rideshare services. Additionally, dealerships have strict policies against over-speeding and illegal parking. Besides the penalties you are likely to receive from law enforcement for such actions, a dealership will also enforce action if you violate established policies. Therefore, you must carefully read the agreement to know what you are allowed to do with a courtesy car.

You Have No Say on Type of Courtesy Car — If you think you have the freedom to choose a courtesy car, think again. Car service courtesy vehicles are only temporary; therefore, it makes no sense for a dealership to issue their clients high-end luxury cars for a few weeks. Notably, Class A vehicles are the go-to courtesy cars for dealerships and auto insurers. Generally, the cars are simple and small since they are only supposed to facilitate your movement. Therefore, do not be disappointed when your dealership hands you keys to the smallest car you have ever driven.  

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