Commonly Ignored Questions That Car Owners Should Ask Battery Providers

Car owners must maintain their batteries religiously since they power every electrical component. That said, a car battery can malfunction or wear out, warranting a replacement. Luckily, finding a replacement battery today is not difficult since providers are many. However, you need to ask a battery provider critical questions to make the right purchase. Besides common questions such as battery longevity, power output, and warranty, most people forget other equally important inquires. This article highlights commonly ignored questions that car owners should ask battery providers.

What is a Battery's Reserve Capacity? — A car alternator's function is to supply electrical energy from a battery to various components, such as the power steering, radio, wipers, and headlights. Therefore, when an alternator fails, you expect everything to stop immediately. However, it is not usually the case. Notably, a car battery can still provide the starter motor with the power to keep components running. The reason is that car batteries come with a reserve capacity, popularly referred to as standing power. Reserve capacity is the amount of time a car battery can continue to power electrical components before it drains completely. Different car battery brands have varying reserve capacities; therefore, it is essential to seek guidance from your provider. Their answer will help you select a car battery whose reserve capacity matches your needs.

Do Your Batteries Come with Insulators? — Car batteries generate power via chemical reactions in the cells, which can only happen within optimal temperature ranges. The chemical processes slow in extremely cold or hot temperatures, affecting battery performance. It is why insulating a car battery with thermo cases or blankets is vital during extreme weather conditions. While insulating accessories are typically bought separately, some providers sell them with a battery as a unit. Therefore, you should ask a provider if they offer thermo cases/blankets. Insulators go a long way in ensuring that a battery performs optimally in any weather. Besides, they prolong a battery's service life.

Can I Use a Battery with a Different CCA Rating? — You can only turn on your car's engine if the battery supplies enough energy to power the ignition. It is why Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rating is critical when purchasing a replacement car battery. CCA indicates the amperes a car battery can supply a car engine for 30 seconds before the voltage drains completely. Usually, CCA ratings are unique to vehicles; therefore, you must talk to a provider to recommend a suitable car battery. Installing a battery with a higher or lower CCA rating than the recommended value can lead to car damages down the line.

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