Top Benefits of Flushing Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

The number of people buying cars with automatic transmission systems has grown over the past few years due to convenience. An automatic transmission is particularly beneficial today since traffic jams are common in cities, forcing motorists to start and stop several times. However, regular automatic transmission fluid (ATF) change is crucial to continue enjoying the convenience that your car's automatic transmission provides. If you do not change the ATF when required, you'll begin to experience slugging car performance. This article highlights the benefits of flushing ATF regularly.

Beats the Heat

Although an automatic transmission system eliminates the need to engage gears manually, there are still many moving parts in the transmission chamber. The components must remain well-lubricated to maintain optimal performance. However, automatic transmission fluid degrades over time and loses its ability to protect transmission components from excessive heat. Therefore, failure to replace the ATF as recommended by a car's manufacturer can lead to high friction between moving components, leading to overheating. Over time, it leads to transmission failure since most components burn out. Flushing automatic transmission fluid and replenishing it helps dissipate heat from a transmission chamber, preventing premature wear of components.  

Prevents Sluggishness

One of the main signs of a problematic automatic transmission system is sluggishness. As transmission parts heat up from friction and fail, the gunk and sludge produced bogs down the system. Over time, accumulated sludge clogs an entire transmission, significantly slowing down the system. Unfortunately, a sluggish transmission system can be a disaster in waiting, particularly in heavy traffic where vehicles are close to each other. Flushing the ATF ensures a clean transmission chamber free of sludge and gunk. Most importantly, it guarantees the smooth operation of gears and reduces the breakdown of parts that could clog a transmission system.

Prevents Costly Repairs

One key benefit of operating a manual transmission is that you can quickly identify a problem when you change gears. For instance, you can physically feel it in your hands when a gear slips or sticks, requiring you to see a mechanic. However, identifying a problem can be challenging with an automatic transmission because you only engage the system when you start and stop your car. The downside here is that failure to identify a problem early might lead to catastrophic failure and expensive repairs. In some instances, you may have to replace an entire transmission system if the damage is beyond repairs. Flushing the automatic transmission fluid as recommended helps prevent extensive and costly damage. To learn more, contact an automatic transmission service

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