How To Interview Your Panel Beater

Does your car need body repairs? It could be it was involved in a collision or you intend to restore your classic car. Some people experience difficulties when hiring panel beaters. They are often worried that the panel beater does not have the skills required to restore the vehicle to its original condition. Below is an extract with some questions to help you interview a panel beater. 

What Is Your Experience? 

Below are some tips to help you examine the panel beater's experience: 

  1. Interview some of the panel beater's clients to know if they are satisfied with the professional's work. As a rule of thumb, you should not work with panel beaters that have negative reviews.
  2. If possible, the panel beater should have repaired similar vehicles in the past.
  3. Assess the panel beater's accreditations. For instance, some panel beaters are accredited by insurance companies or car manufacturers. Awards and recognitions are also an indication that the panel beater has quality work.
  4. Visit their garage and assess their work ethic and finishes. The visit can help increase your confidence in their services. 

Does The Vehicle Need New Panels? 

The panel beater should assess the damage and recommend repairs. Reputable repair shops will have the tools required to restore the panel to its original condition. However, there are instances when the panel beater could advise you to purchase new panels. It is especially so if the repair works will significantly weaken the panel. Other than the panels, the professional should also check whether the vehicle needs frame repairs. Remember, structural damage along the frame could significantly affect the safety of the car. 

How Will You Prepare The Vehicle For Paintwork?

Assess the panel beater's painting procedures. Typically, the professional should assess whether the vehicle requires paintwork on the damaged area or a full coat of paint. While your budget and preferences will be significant determiners, you should consider a fresh coat of paint to prevent your vehicle from having different colour shades. 

The panel beater should apply a thin coat of filler to restore the vehicle's body lines and smoothen the dented area. A layer of primer to serve as an undercoat. Spot putty will help the panel beater to remove minor scratches on the vehicle. After this, they will apply another layer of primer, add an undercoat and then paint the car. A clear coat will give the vehicle a glossy shine. Cars should be painted in a clean and dry environment. Contaminants and humid conditions will result in poor-quality finishes.

For more information, reach out to local panel beaters today.

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