Troubleshooting Power Window Issues

Most modern cars have power windows as opposed to the manual type. With the push of a button, power windows can lower or raise accordingly. However, such windows might experience a fair share of issues over time. A power window consists of an inbuilt electric motor connected to the window via a regulator. Notably, a power window malfunctions when the regulator starts to fail. Here is what you need to know about troubleshooting power window failures.

Failure to Roll the Window Up or Down  

Ideally, by pressing the operating button, a power window should roll up or down. However, pressing the button multiple times to initiate the motor is a common sign of a faulty power window motor assembly. Also, the switch that controls the motor could be defective. Remember that accumulation of dirt under the button can cause a power window to fail. Therefore, a certified electric mechanic should inspect the system to establish if the problem lies with the switch or motor assembly.

Rolling Speed  

Power windows are fine-tuned to operate at recommended speeds according to a vehicle's make and model. The speed ensures that a window opens or closes with convenience. Besides, an ideal rate guarantees that an electric window stays intact as it moves up or down. If you notice that the speed is faster or slower than usual, the culprit could be an electrical problem with the motor assembly. For example, an electric short or a bad fuse that does not provide the motor with the correct power might cause a malfunction. A qualified auto electrician can diagnose the problem and restore operation.

Window Regulator Replacement 

A defective window regulator should be replaced immediately to restore a power window's normal functioning. Always opt for manufacturer recommended replacement parts, which are an exact match for the make and model of your vehicle. However, aftermarket parts are also available from reputable vendors. The cost of buying and replacing a window regulator can be a couple of hundred dollars. Note that some door panel clips might break when removing the panel to access a power window regulator. Therefore, budget for extra clips, too. After replacing an electric window motor, the "auto-up" function of the power window must be reset. The procedure for a reset depends on the make and model of a vehicle. Therefore, consult the service manual of your car for the right reset procedure.

To get help with auto electrical repairs such as this, contact a local auto service.

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