Why You Should Always Service the Torque Converter Alongside the Transmission

A car fitted with an automatic transmission will require service at recommended intervals in order to operate with efficiency over the long term. Certainly, the automatic gearbox by itself is built to last and to deal with the stress and strain of everyday operation, but certain parts are more vulnerable than others, and you need to ensure that they are serviced as well. Why should you insist that the torque converter fitted to your car is also drained and flushed during a service visit?

Transmission at Work

An automatic transmission is a very complicated machine with many internal parts not found within a regular gearbox. The torque converter is typically a self-contained part that is designed to distribute oil under pressure through a variety of different clutches and other mechanisms. It relies completely on this high-grade oil, however, and it must be as clean as possible if it is to operate correctly. This is why it is crucial to make sure that all the old oil is flushed from within the torque converter, at the same time as the rest of the transmission is drained.

Partial Job

Sometimes, a mechanic may simply drain the oil from the bottom of the transmission sump pump before adding new oil in its place. This will only do part of the job, however, as some of the old oil will remain within the torque converter.

Full Flush

A better method is to open the special nut that is found on the casing of the torque converter, between the drain pan and the flex plate. This will allow the oil from within the torque converter to escape into a catch pan at the first stage of the process. Next, the technician should start the engine and carefully shift through the gears while the vehicle is raised from the floor. At the same time, a mechanic should add new transmission oil to the primary dipstick, so that the system distributes the new oil while flushing all of the old liquid out through the torque converter.

Scheduling the Process

Remember, always service the torque converter at the same time as the primary transmission. Talk with your mechanic when you schedule your next visit so that they can do this for you. This will help your transmission last as long as possible and give your torque converter a healthy boost so that it can distribute the oil properly and always select the right gear.

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