3 Signs That Your Brakes Need A Service

Brakes are probably the most important safety feature on every car, as without them you wouldn't be able to stop your car. With that in mind, it is obvious that you rbrakes need to be kept in tip-top condition at all times to ensure they continue to keep you safe on the road. Just like every part of your car, brakes do wear out, and, eventually, they will start to present symptoms that let you know they need to be repaired as soon as possible.To stay safe, it is important to be on the lookout for these three simple signs. 


If your brakes are making a noise, then it is time to take them in for some brake repairs. Often a whining or high-pitched noise can be heard when brakes are wearing down, as they are designed to warn you through this noise that they are on their last legs. If you hear another type of noise when you hit the brakes, there could be many different reasons why, and none of them are good. Ignoring the sounds your car makes is a recipe for disaster, as cars are supposed to be mostly silent. Get some brake repairs and get your confidence back as a driver.


Since you are probably the person who uses your car the most, you know better than anyone if the brakes start to feel different. This is a little bit of an intangible warning sign, as there is no measurable indication of the 'feel' of the brakes, and to a driver new to your car, it might feel fine. However, if you know that your car's brakes feel slightly more timid or that they take more pressure to work, then this is a major red flag. Something is slowing down or damaging the connection from your brake pedal to the actual brakes on the wheels, and that needs to be addressed before it escalates. 


Strange as it may sound, brakes can give off a pungent smell when they are in need of repairs. When brake pads start to get worn down (something that should happen evenly on each wheel), they will start to wear past the material designed for friction and into the actual brake pads themselves. This can cause a disgusting smell that smells like burning plastic. If you smell any type of burning at all, it is probably originating in your braking system and is a very important reminder to get some brake repairs right away. If your brake pads get too badly worn, they will start misbehaving, and it can happen at any time once they start to go.

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