Why Each Log Book Service Appointment Is So Important

If you have been on the lookout for a replacement car or truck, then you may have finally decided to buy a new one rather than deal with the used car market. This vehicle will, by definition, be in better condition, be equipped with the latest gadgetry and take advantage of the newest technology. More importantly, this approach will cut down on the hassle associated with mechanical repair as you won't need to worry about that type of thing for some time to come. It's not surprising that some owners become complacent when they buy a new vehicle, especially when the novelty begins to wear off. They may not pay as much attention to a scheduled log book service as they should, but this could come back to bite them in the future. Why is this?

Method in Their Madness

Some people question why a manufacturer will "insist" that a vehicle is taken in for service at certain intervals. You may wonder why it is so important to change a certain fluid or to make an adjustment here or there and may think that this is just another way for them to earn more money. Nevertheless, it's important to remember that these companies have a reputation to think of and that they are keen to ensure that your vehicle is reliable. They have gone to great lengths to build a good product and believe that regular servicing is crucial for longevity.

Settling In

When any new vehicle leaves the production line it will need to pass a quality control test. Still, a certain amount of settling in is to be expected and this may lead to additional wear during the early days. Tiny pieces of metal may break off when the engine is put under full load. It is more important than ever to attend the first log book service so that this can be taken care of.

Warranty Claim

You may have been given a lengthy warranty with this new vehicle, but it will come with certain terms and conditions attached. If you do run into problems down the road, the manufacturer may need to look at your log book to see if you have serviced the vehicle in accordance with their guidelines. In some circumstances, they may decline to pay for a covered item if you have not kept up with your obligations.

Time to Sell

Even if your vehicle is generally reliable and you never have to deal with the warranty at all, you may still have to satisfy another interested party whenever you put the vehicle up for sale. A prospective new owner will certainly want to have a look at the log book and will draw their own conclusions if they see a number of gaps. They may move onto the next car if you haven't kept up on your log book servicing, as they may just be buying a lot of trouble from you.

When was the last time that you took your vehicle in for a log book service? If it's time for you to catch up, make sure that you do.

For more information, contact a log book servicing company.

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