Some Common Mechanical Problems Leading to Car Accidents

Road safety is an issue that concerns every driver and the general public as well. While car manufacturers make sure to comply with safety standards, car accidents still happen. In some cases, the accidents occur due to reckless driving. In other cases, it is car-related malfunctions that result in the accidents. Mechanical failures contribute to a significant percentage of the car accidents that occur every day. As a car owner, you need to be aware of what causes these accidents so you can do whatever's needed to avoid them, if possible.

Read on to become familiarised with some of the most common mechanical failures responsible for car accidents.

Steering and suspension system malfunctions

If your car constantly veers off the road and you are not the one steering it towards the direction it is taking, you are most likely faced with a steering and suspension system problem. The same applies if your steering wheel vibrates a lot when travelling at higher speeds. If possible, you should pull over to the side of the road and call for breakdown service. Chances are high you may get involved in an accident if you continue driving the car despite these trouble signs.

Bad brakes

Your brakes help you slow down when you are travelling at high speeds or bring your car to a complete stop. Now imagine losing control of your vehicle when you are heading down a sloppy road or driving uphill. You can get all panicky and even consider jumping out of the vehicle before it crashes. If your braking system makes squeaky noises, your brake pedal feels 'spongy' or you simply suspect something is amiss with your braking system, it is a good idea to have the problem checked out immediately.

Tyre blowouts

It doesn't take a lot for a tyre to burst. All that's needed is low pressure inside the tyre, a little denting to the rubber parts of the tyre, and high speed driving. As you continue travelling at high speeds, your tyre gets heated up due to the frictional force created as the wheels turn on the road surface. The dented sections of your tyre may not be able to bear up to these conditions, and they will demonstrate that by causing tyre blowout. The best way to prevent this problem is to ensure you are always running on properly inflated tyres and replace any excessively worn out tyres before they can put your life and that of other people at risk.

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