How to Increase the Fuel Efficiency of Your Car

One of the biggest costs associated with driving a car is the cost of fuel. Even though the price of fuel has fallen by around 15% compared to 2015, fuelling your car can still be an expensive business. Below is a guide to a few ways you can cut your fuel consumption and save some cash while also helping to protect the environment.

Regular Maintenance

By keeping your car well maintained, you can reduce the amount of fuel it needs to consume. You should check the pressure of each tyre and ensure it falls within the minimum and maximum limits listed in the manufacturers manual. An over-inflated or under-inflated tyre can result in increased fuel consumption as well as poor control and increased tyre wear. You should also check your air filter. If it is clogged, you should replace it. A clogged air filter will place additional strain on the engine and increase your fuel consumption.

Driving Style

Your driving style can have a significant impact on the fuel consumption of your car. You should avoid any heavy application of the accelerator. You should try to smoothly and slowly increase your speed. If you suddenly apply a large amount of pressure to the accelerator pedal, this leads to an inefficient use of fuel in the engine.

Install a Stop-Start System

You may also wish to consider installing a stop-start system. This system works by transmitting an electronic signal to the car's engine whenever the car comes to a complete stop. This means you can avoid using fuel when your car is idling at stop lights or in heavy traffic. When the stop-start system detects that the accelerator is being pressed, it will automatically restart the engine.

Air Conditioning

Unless it is necessary, you should avoid using your car's air conditioning system. The air conditioning system can place additional stress on your car's engine, which means that it uses more fuel.


Finally, you can save fuel by carefully planning any trips you wish to make. You should try to incorporate several small journeys into one extended trip. This will allow you to avoid having to travel backwards and forwards between your home and the different destinations and help you to save fuel.

If you have any questions or concerns about the fuel efficiency or performance of your car, you should have it serviced by a local professional auto service company.

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