Five Considerations When Hiring a Refrigerated Truck for Perishable Goods

Even though refrigerated trucks have become commonplace in the food distribution sector, most new operators do not know what to consider when choosing a truck of this purpose. Choosing the wrong refrigerated truck not only poses a danger to consumers' health, but may also prove costly in terms of spoiled goods or legal action. Proper truck rentals will help you avoid fines and prosecution as regulations on refrigeration in many jurisdictions are becoming increasingly strict. In this regard, here are five important considerations when hiring a refrigerated truck.

Overnight Refrigeration -- If your business will require the driver to make overnight stops, you will need a truck that can keep the goods frozen or chilled throughout the night when the engine is not running. For this reason, hire a refrigerated truck equipped with an electric standby that can keep the temperatures at required levels.

Multi-Compartments Models -- Sometimes you may be transporting different products that require both freezing and chilling. Therefore, choose a van with multiple compartments allowing you to chill and freeze at the same time. Otherwise, hire a refrigerated truck that suits the temperature that your products need. With multiple compartments, you can also separate products; thus, minimising the chances of bacterial contamination.

Contract Duration -- Choose between long-term and short-term contract hire alternatives based on your refrigeration needs. For example, if you want a truck to transport ice cream to a children's party, you should probably opt for a short-term contract. However, if you are in the business of ferrying raw meat to local butchers on a daily basis, then a long-term lease agreement is suitable.

Ease of Cleaning and Disinfection -- Food contamination is one of the major threats to the food distribution industry. Therefore, the hygiene of the refrigerated truck should be given high priority. The internal surfaces of the truck should be easy to clean and disinfect to prevent the spread of food borne diseases. In addition, the drainage mechanism of the truck should be adequate and efficient.

Size and Design of the Refrigerated Truck – You should know the storage capacity that you will require depending on your refrigeration needs. Knowing the storage capacity reduces the likelihood of either choosing a small truck or a large truck, which could be costly either way. Moreover, loading and unloading of products is crucial, and hence, you may need to opt for a truck with a side-loading door.


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