Two Features to Consider for a Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck

If you want a new pickup truck for occasionally helping a friend move or to just stow a few tools and other light equipment in the back, you may not need to pay much attention to the major features of the truck, including tow capacity, cooling, and the like. However, if you want a truck for heavy-duty work such as for hauling a heavy trailer or for loading down the back with a heavy ATV or other such pieces, you'll need to consider all the truck's features so you know it can easily manage those loads. Note a few things to consider when choosing a pickup truck for heavy-duty work.

1. Towing capacity

You'll probably look at the towing capacity of any pickup truck to which you want to attach a trailer regularly, but remember that the towing capacity of a vehicle is usually the maximum capacity it can manage before you start doing damage to the suspension, brakes, and engine. If you'll regularly be towing a certain weight of ATV or trailer, you don't want that weight to be too close to the maximum capacity of a vehicle. It can often be good to get something with more towing capacity just to be sure it can easily manage that weight without putting excess wear and tear on the engine, and ensuring it can easily brake with a fully loaded trailer behind it. Don't think you can or should save money on the truck purchase by getting the lightest vehicle that can manage your towing weight, as you may wind up spending more money down the road making repairs to that vehicle from the damage it suffers from always being fully weighed down.

2. Cooling

A vehicle that is towing added weight behind it will be working harder to pull that weight, so it will be generating more heat overall. An oversized radiator can be a good choice for any pickup truck you're buying for heavy-duty work. Many trucks that are meant for heavy-duty work will have special grill meshes in the front that allow for more air circulation, keeping the engine cooler. Some trucks will also be able to work with organic additives, which help the radiator to work more optimally and which may extend the life of the coolant, while not adding pollutants to the air or the ground when the coolant is dispersed or disposed of after a flush and fill. If you're very eco-conscious, look for a truck that allows organic additives to be added to the coolant system.

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