Manual Transmissions | 4 Steps To Check Your Manual Car's Transmission Fluid Level

While automatic transmissions have become fairly common in modern times, manual transmissions remain popular with many drivers thanks to their fuel efficiency, engagement and performance. If you drive a manual car, then issues like stuttering and poor takeoff are signs that your transmission fluid level is too low. If you suspect low fluid levels, you should know how to check for this problem in manual transmissions.

Lift Up Your Car

To check your car's transmission fluid level, you need to use a jack to lift up the car to a level height on all sides. You will need to make sure that the car is level to get an accurate assessment of your transmission fluid level. This action will not only allow you to check the transmission fluid, but it will also help you refill if necessary.

Establish The Filling Cap Location

Once you lift up your car, you will need to gain access by identifying the filling cap's correct location in your manual transmission car because you don't want to end up mistakenly removing the wrong bolts. You can even check your car owner's manual to be absolutely sure of where the filling cap is located under your car.

Place A Drain Pan Under The Filling Cap And Remove It

Keep in mind that a filling cap is usually set sideways, so placing a drain pan below it should prevent any transmission fluid from leaking out. This drain pan will catch any possible leakage that may occur when you check your fluid level. You will then need an appropriately sized socket wrench to open the filling cap by turning the bolt towards the direction of opening.

Check Level And Add More Transmission Fluid If Necessary

You will need to check the transmission fluid level, which should ideally be in line or just below the filling cap. If you place an object through the hole and you touch the fluid, then it is sufficiently at the level of the filling cap. Keep in mind that there is no gauge, so you will have to probe the fluid level by using an object or your fingers. If the level appears insufficient, you may need to refill fluid. You may want to seek out the services of a professional for filling fluid into manual transmissions to prevent any trouble later with your car. 

Checking fluid levels in manual transmissions isn't difficult, so you can do it yourself if you choose. If not, rely on a professional mechanic with experience in handling manual transmissions.

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