Has a Car Accident Dented Your Car? Fix It Yourself

It's hard to deny that driving around town with a large dent on the side of your car or in the middle of the bumper is an embarrassing experience. You might as well be spelling out your bad traffic luck or ability to back into a fence post, but the worst part about the damage is the cost required to fix it. But not to worry, even large dents can actually be fixed by you at home with minimal effect on your bank balance.

1. Make the Grips

First, you will need to find or purchase a wooden dowel rod, saw, screws and hot glue—yes, only four materials! Then, cut the wooden dowel into pieces large enough to grip. The number depends on the size of your dent, so this will vary from person to person. Next, take two screws and insert them into opposite sides of the dowel to serve as grips that allow you to grasp your fingers around the piece.

2. Prepare the Area

Although optional, it is recommended that you clean the area around the dent and warm it up to soften the metal slightly to assist in the gluing process. This can be with a hair dryer or very low setting on a heat gun.

3. Attach Dowels to the Dent

Then, using a generous amount of glue from your hot glue gun, fasten the dowel grips you made in step one to the side of your vehicle surrounding the dent. It is important not to put them directly on top of the dent itself—only in the immediate area next to the damage.

4. Time for Success

After the hot glue has dried, you can begin to pull on each dowel until it is removed, and in the process, you will slowly "pull out" the dent on your car's bumper, door, or body. Don't just yank, but slowly increase pressure on each grip until it releases for optimal effect. You can also try alternating the order of the removal process if the dent is persistent (for example, removing a top dowel then a bottom one).

5. If Needed, Repeat

Stubborn dents may require multiple applications of the dowels, and you may end up placing a dowel directly on top of the dent after a few cycles if necessary. While somewhat time-consuming, the money you will save completing smash repairs in a do-it-yourself fashion is hard to turn down.

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