Improve the Longevity of Your Truck's Brakes

All brakes will wear down eventually, but the amount of time that takes is really up to you. Making sure they last as long as possible is even more important when you're behind the wheel of a truck; you'll require more stopping power, and the naturally higher weight of your vehicle will cause brakes to wear down faster anyway. Of course, your truck will be built with those facts in mind, but it's always worth taking the following tips into account to make sure that your brakes go the distance.

1. Don't Rest Your Foot on the Pedal

Whether you've just spent some time loading the bed high and heavy or are simply relaxing after a long day it work, it can be easy to rest your foot on the brake. Doing so means you'll be more likely to tap the brakes accidentally, and you could even press down just enough to slightly apply them without using enough force to make a discernible difference to your ride. In either case, you're going to be wearing down your brakes.

2. Change Your Brake Fluid Regularly

Your brake fluid will become both contaminated and oxidised over time due to the immense amount of pressure it has to deal with. Fresh fluid will compress better than fluid that was spent too much time in the system, and contaminants can contribute to problems with parts like the wheel cylinders and brake callipers. To make sure your brakes last longer and are more efficient, have the fluid changed regularly.

3. Use Quality OEM Parts

Your truck will have been constructed using reliable parts manufactured specifically for your chosen vehicle; after all, manufacturers know that you need a heavy-duty vehicle like a truck to boast the highest standards. When you're replacing any part of your braking system, make sure you don't go for a cheap aftermarket option instead of an OEM part. You might save a little money at first, but your whole system will wear down faster than it would if you'd paid for quality.

4. Lose a Little Weight

Trucks are clearly made to handle heavy loads, but you shouldn't take their capability for granted. Instead of using your truck-bed as storage, make sure you only keep something in there if you need it regularly. Obviously something as large as a motorcycle or snowmobile is going to add enough weight to make your brakes wear down faster, but you'd be amazed how much of a difference you can make by removing slightly smaller items.

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