Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About a Roadworthy Certificate in Australia

A roadworthy certificate is necessary in Australia when you're going to sell a car; even dealerships are required to have these certificates when they sell new cars. If you're selling a used car then it will be your responsibility to get such a certificate before you can turn the car over to someone else. You also need this certificate when registering your vehicle, either a new registration or a renewal. Note a few commonly asked questions about a car roadworthy certificate that you'll want to consider for your vehicle.

1. How is a safety certificate different than a roadworthy certificate?

The two are actually the same; the term "safety certificate" began being used a few years ago but the phrases are typically interchangeable. Don't assume that you need both a safety certificate and a roadworthy certificate if you see these two phrases as they're both talking about the same thing.

2. How can you get a roadworthy certificate for a vehicle that's unregistered?

You will need to get a roadworthy certificate from a mechanic that is qualified and registered to handle such an inspection, and many will have the right insurance and road test license plates they can use to test unregistered vehicles. Be sure you mention this when you make an appointment so you know they will be able to test your vehicle even if it doesn't have its own license plate or registration.

3. For how long is the certificate valid?

For private vehicle owners, meaning not dealerships, a roadworthy certificate is good for two months or 2000 kilometers, whichever comes first. If your certificate expires before you are able to sell your vehicle or get a new registration for it, you'll need to make another appointment for another inspection. If this happens with you, call the same mechanic who performed your inspection as they will usually have all the information about your vehicle already entered into their computer system and may give you a price break on a second inspection.

4. What if the car fails the inspection?

You should get a detailed list of items that caused your car to fail its inspection so that you can take this to a mechanic and have them fixed. Some shops will allow you a certain amount of time to address these problems and then they will give you another safety inspection for free once the repairs are made. Ask about this when booking an appointment with an inspector if you know your car is not mechanically sound and may very well fail its inspection.

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