The Holiday Season May Be Over, But Don't Forget That Your Campervan Needs Repairs

Now that the holiday season is over and your camping trip memories have been shelved for posterity, do not forget that your campervan still needs repairs. Many campers simply park their RVs (recreational vehicles) at this time and forget all about them up until the next holiday draws near. Do not make the same mistake. Have your campervan or caravan repaired early, immediately if possible.

Why repair now?

There are several good reasons why you should strive to have your campervan repaired now, rather than later. Check them out below.

  1. Keep your campervan ready for the next trip. You never know when you might need to take a trip to the country or to the camping site. By keeping your camper ready, you can stay ready for that next adventure, whenever it arises.
  2. Avoid deterioration of your RV. If you store your camper while damaged, there's no telling the level of deterioration that might occur. You might have to deal with extensive repairs pertaining to engine failure, transmission damage, water leakage inside the cabin, battery failure, etc.
  3. Campervan insurance repairs: As you well know, insurance claims on repairs have a limited time window. Have your camper repaired early before your window expires.

Of course, make sure you take your campervan only to a specialized contractor, preferably one that deals primarily with campers.

Read on to learn more about your campervan repairs:

Common campervan repairs you should seek

  1. Suspension: After traversing through all those bumpy terrains, your camper's suspension will need work, from repairing springs to replacing bushes and bolts.
  2. Brakes: As a mobile home, the brakes on your campervan need to be working perfectly any time you set out on the road to avoid accidents.
  3. Tyre service: Have the camper's tyres checked for low pressure, signs of wear and slow punctures. A tyre rotation might also be necessary if the tyres are unevenly worn. Also do not forget to ask about wheel balancing and wheel alignment services.
  4. Oil and filter changes: Make sure your engine and transmission is well looked after to avoid serious mechanical failure in these integral parts.
  5. Radiator checks: Coolant loss can easily occur due to wear or after engine overheating episodes.
  6. Gas and electrical: Need a gas refill? An electrical check perhaps?
  7. Accident damage: Damaged windscreens, paint smears, dents, etc.

Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive. Other parts such as the starter, alternator, batteries, and the habitation areas should be checked for repairs as well.

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