Car Repair Issues and Costs

There is no question that modern vehicles are more reliable than ever before; however, they will still need regular maintenance. However, there are a number of motorists that do not notice a necessary repair until something is changed in the vehicle's performance, particularly in the sounds that the vehicle is making. You are the individual who is most familiar with the way that your vehicle should sound, so any type of unusual or new sounds need to be addressed right away. Additionally, the more frequent and louder the noises are the quicker you should seek car repair.

Here you will find some of the most common sounds that are telltale indications you need car service.

Screeching or Squealing when You Apply the Brakes

In most cases, this will be an indication that your vehicle needs a new set of brake pads, rotor resurfacing or to be replaced. In most cases, a squeal or screech emitted during breaking is a clear sign that your brake hardware is worn out, which results in the pad not being able to properly release, which causes excessive noise and heat. There are a number of vehicle manufacturers that build an indication system that will emit a certain noise to tell drivers that the brake pads need replacement.

When you install brand new brake pads, resurface or replace the brake rotors, it will ensure that you are able to stop quietly and safely, without causing any additional damage to your car or truck.

Cost for this Repair: The cost of this repair will vary quite a bit depending on the model and make of your vehicle, the actual mechanic that you choose for service and the particular repairs that are necessary. You should expect to have even more costs if the rotors on your vehicle damaged, warped or worn and they need to be replaced or resurfaced.

A Grinding Noise when You Apply the Brakes

When you begin to notice these sounds, chances are you will need to repair or replacement for your rotors, calipers or brake pads. When you hear this grinding sound, then it means that the pads have not been replaced for some time and that something has begun to rub on the rotors in the wrong way. When this sound is heard, the brake pads may actually be beyond their wear limit, or you may have a situation where the pistons or calipers are grinding against the actual rotor.

Cost for this Repair: This cost will also be dependent on the vehicle you need repaired and the complexity of the work involved.

Rattling, Rumbling or Sputtering Exhaust Noises from Beneath the Vehicle

When you notice these sounds then your vehicle may be in need of system repairs for the exhaust or component replacement for your exhaust. If you begin to recognize that your car is sounding louder than it did in the past from beneath the vehicle, then there is a good chance that you have a hole somewhere in the exhaust system. In many cases these repairs may be as simple as having a loose pipe reattached or installing a new muffler. However, if your catalytic converter requires work, the repair process may be much more involved.

Cost for this Repair: For simple repairs you may be able to get your vehicle performing for an affordable price; however, more complex issues will likely be much more of an investment.

No matter the issue you begin to notice with your vehicle, seeking quality car service can help you fix the issue before it becomes worse.

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